love this calliope, great job.... you all look so enticing!.... what a darling group of vampires you make.... very cool :thumbup:
seems i have taught you well, oh coven-sister...

arent you the most awesome artist??

so we are all three in a shot for once....killer!!

i have no idea how long you worked on this, but your just unreal...

cool idea... thinking it would be a killer avatar...!!

now we can rule the whole forum....wahahahha......ok, maybe just our corner...

should i guess about whose tombstones those are??? maybe all my past birthdays???????????????????????
Yep, that's a bloody brilliant shot of the Coven all right. Well done!!!!

The strength of the Dark Side is gathering, and soon the Queen will rule ALL of TPF!!! (Mwaahahahahaaaa).
Schmokin image Linda. Wish I had your PS skils.

Happy birthday April.:heart: :hugs: :heart:
Guess I'll do one here, too ...

Happy Happy Birthday
We're really glad you caaaaaame
Happy Happy Birthday
From the Darkside Gaaaaaaang

the talent on the darkside never ceases to amaze me....

i love the darkside gallery... and all its talented people!!!

calliope, thanks for all the hard work...and pallie, your so clever!!!
woodsac said:
Cool shot.
The dark layer is over the head stones is just right :D

That was actually JM's idea to put the gravestones in the background :blushing:.

Chiller said:
Wish I had your PS skils.

Um, I should be saying that to you!

I just gotta say the Darkside is awesome! :hugs:
Love your work here Linda, Great job

I hope you had a very Happy Birthday Aprilraven!

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