Happy Birthday TPFers Contest - Createdy by Joe (clarinetJWD)

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    For those of you who don't know, about one year ago, a group on deviantART was created to showcase the talent we have on this forum. As December rolls around, it comes time to celebrate it's first birthday with a bang (pronounced "kon-test")!

    First, the interesting stuff (pronounced "pri-zez")
    First Place - 3 month subscription to dA or a TPF T-Shirt (Both if I feel extra-generous (pronounced "ritch"))
    Second Place - 1 month subscription to dA
    Third Place - Personal satisfaction
    (All prizes are subject to change (pronounced "get bet-ter"))

    Second, the theme: Happy Holidays: whether you Celebrate Christmas, Channukah, Kwanzaa, Festivus, or anything else, I want to see what makes this time of year special to you.

    Third, the details:
    1. You must be a member of The Photo Forum
    2. You must be a member of deviantART (new members welcome to both)
    3. The picture must have been taken between 12/1/2006 and 12/31/2006

    The photos will be posted in a poll on TPF on December 25 for voting. Voting will last through the 31st.

    To submit:
    1. Upload the contest photo to your dA account or any photo server.
    2. Send a note to this account with the subject "HBD Contest" with a link to the photo in the body of the message

    The Contest page is here

    I wish you all good luck, and can't wait to see the entries!
    --Joe (clarinetJWD)

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