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    My exposure assessment was based on the nature of the scene really. I didnt necessarily mean that there was underexposure or overexposure clipping...but where certain parts of the photo are shadowed and some have high sun, the nature of it is as such. Ill go with your definition in the future though, of harsh contrast.

    I definitely appreciate the pointers on what to shoot vs what not to. In the last few days of my shooting trip, I exercised some of this selectiveness...makes it a lot easier in the long run. Just because something sparks "some" interest, doesnt mean that its worth a shutter actuation if the overall scene is mediocre.

    I'd invite you to take a look at my Instagram page, that's where I post my best photos. I just started to learn digital asset management so I should still have a good bit of the Raw versions left too.

    Instagram: chrisdshots


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