hardcore critique, please!


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Nov 17, 2006
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newborn for hardcore critique...

natural light, manual exposure, SS1/125, f3.2, ISO 800

He is NOT mine, so there is no need to be gentle or hold back. Let me have it!!

it kinda looks fake...lol. Like...too soft? I'm not sure...Did you do some blurring or something in photoshop?
It does look a little soft. Though that could be due to the fact that it's a baby. I would, however, say that perhaps you ought to have stopped down a bit more. I also think the lighting is just a little too angular...I'm not wild about part of his body on the right-hand side disappearing into the background. I'd prefer to see a whole baby.
I think the Baby should be on its Back.... To me , thats what is throwing off the light as Max said... I think u should turn it back..
I think the pose is captured well and the look of content on the little face.

The softness works okay because it's an infant, but as already mentioned, the falloff is too severe. Perhaps some bounce or more bounced light for the right side.
Thanks for the comments. I really appreciate it.

MaxBloom-- Why you think I should have stopped down more. Is it to have a greater DOF and sharper body?
Put some pants on that kid! J/K. I do like this shot though. I agree with the other postings - I'd stop it down just a bit. However, I like the lighting on the right side.
MaxBloom-- Why you think I should have stopped down more. Is it to have a greater DOF and sharper body?

Yup. There's no harm in stopping down a little when shooting against that background.
I would bounce just a BIT of light onto his back. Otherwise, I love it! Great pose.
beautiful shot
shows the softness that babies tend to have in there sleep but i agree that there needs to be some light on his back
Thanks for all the feedback! I have tried another edit of this shot... I think I got a little carried away with the Noiseware during the first time around.

I think it is perfect personally, I like the lighting and the position/pose of the baby.

The child's fetal position gives me a sense of warmth... almost being brought back into the womb and the fact it's body is dissapearing into the background is attaching the baby to it as if it is apart of it as when in the womb.

Love it.x

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