Hardware issue, jammy Olympus OM-30!

Discussion in 'Photography Equipment & Products' started by ElectricSunCafé, Jan 14, 2007.

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    So christmas brought me a rather retro Olympus OM-30 (apparently also known as the OM-F in America), but i dont think its been used for a while.
    Went through a film with it, but something wasnt right. Now im a total n00b, this is my first SLR, so here goes the technical blunders. What im presuming to be the shutter would click open, and not shut again for some time, and most of the time the shutter speed was on 250/500ths, so it being open for a few seconds, presumably over exposing the picture of whatever it was pointed at. Anyway, i got finished the film, took it out, and my father, who knows a bit, suggested just pressing the shutter release and winding on repeatedly, just to loosen it up a bit. So i did... few days later, decided to see if it would go steadily, and this time the shutter clicked once, but not again. Took the lense off, the mirror is half down and theres a small lever to one side that i can push down and will click into place, but i press the shutter release and the mirror just gets halfway up again.

    I know i could take it to a shop, but ive got some good photo oppurtunities coming up and would like it going in the next few days.

    By the way, hi guys! im new, but as they say, neccesity is the mother of all invention, and the need to find this forum might mean im sticking around! I got alot to learn.

    Cheers for any replys,

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    Chances are you need to replace the AG13 batteries - they're located (look at the front of the camera) inside the cover on the left of the lens.

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