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Apr 6, 2006
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So, these were my first Lensbaby pics... I tried it out on my mom's film Rebel. I got them published through Snapfish, so they posted some digital copies online, but they were each a really small filesize.

1. This was supposed to be focused in on the speedometer... f/2.0

2. This one turned out kind of abstract, which I thought was pretty neat. Again, f/2.0

3. I was rather pleased with this one. It was the effect I was going for. (f/2.0 again)

4. I was kind of sad the words didnt turn out all that crisp with this one. Not sure if it was the lensbaby or I was holding it kind of shaky

5. Another that I really liked (but wished the scan was higher resolution)

Comments and critiques appreciated! I'd especially love to hear from other Lensbaby users :)
Thanks for looking!
Hi Wendy - have you checked out the Lensbaby Place? More LB shots to be found there, and some tips, too. :)

I love mine - but I haven't gone much wider than 4.0, and I like 5.6 the best. It's easier to find that sharp "sweet spot" placement with that aperture for me.

You did a really good job with #s 3 and 5! :thumbup: I'd love to see some more of that Harley; I hope you shoot some more using the LB.

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