Has anyone ever set up a photo competition?

Discussion in 'Photographic Discussions' started by Chris of Arabia, Aug 9, 2007.

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    The compound I live on in Riyadh has around 1,200+ plus residents (company employees + dependents) on it and I was wondering whether it might be worth trying to organise a photo comp for them. I've got a fair few thoughts on the type of things I need to consider, but what are the pitfalls I need to be aware of? So far, my mind says I need:
    • Exhibition space
    • Judges
    • Categories & rules
    • Prizes (and sponsorship generally)
    • Printing
    • Publicity
    Anyone tried this at all and can advise?

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    No but I have set up other competitions, and sponsoring is generally reasonably easy to come by. Now a $10000 prize may not be, but at the very least pretty much every photography store would be willing to drop a 50-100$ voucher in your lap. You'd need to do some digging to get more.

    Remember the grander the event the more the sponsors will be willing to provide. I suggest leave this bit to after you've figured out everything. If you go in and say you want to start a contest you're likely to come away with a voucher. Say you're running a contest with x number of people held in a public space with x people attending and signs x*x large and you need a sponsor in exchange for advertising space, you're likely to come away with something far better.
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    I have to agree plus it help get people motivated. every body likes a challenge. So I'm in just name the place and time. you should also have a way that people from around the country can submit. that way we ddon't leave anybody out.

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