Has anyone had a GOOD experinece with Sonic Camera??


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Mar 11, 2009
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Just curious. Their reviews are pretty bad.
Well...do you like your credit card company? Because if you buy from Sonic Camera, you'll be calling your credit card company to cancel your card.

Seriously, trust the reviews -- it's a scam operation run out of someone's garage in Brooklyn. You'll never actually get a camera -- and, if you do, it will be after paying twice what it's worth. You'd be better off responding to one of those "you have money in Nigeria" e-mails.
Thanks. I've canceled the order within an hour of placing it and have a confirmation number, so maybe I won't have *too* much trouble, though I'm not so naive that I don't expect any at all.

I have to ask.....why in the world are they allowed advertise on this site?
I have to ask.....why in the world are they allowed advertise on this site?
I don't know that they are actually advertising on this site...but this site does use Google ads...and I don't think we can control which adds show up.
Ah. I see. Lesson learned, regardless. Thanks. :)
Yikes -- good luck. Hopefully everything will work out. If they ask you to call them, my advice would be to call your credit card company first (or instead) -- the way the scam works is that Sonic (or companies like them) make you call them, and then try some song-and-dance about plastic cameras or restocking fees. If you don't bite, they then often try to charge your card without authorization.

The ad was likely a Google ad (or something similar) -- I'm pretty sure TPF doesn't have any control over what Google sends, unfortunately.
Thanks, I called and canceled the order, and I did call the CC company as well. I gave them a story about needing to pay for something else but will order at a later time. Hopefully that will be sufficient. But who knows. I can always dispute the charge later.

I hope. :er:
I'm not sure how you do it, but one of the admin friends I have who runs a web site with a particular clean-image slant ended up getting some inappropriate google ads and was able to filter them somehow.
run out of someone's garage in Brooklyn
You know where? maybe its close and burn their garage down so they don't do crap like that anymore lol.

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