Has this EVER happened to you and what did you do?

That's why I stopped taking weddings for over 15 years. My story was grooms mom "obviously knew way more than I did" about what should be done.

I walked away from it [weddings in general]. There are more things to take photos of.
Not in the trade, but I now believe Jerry Springer is real!
Better luck next time :blushing:

Sadly I have nothing to add here, but I'm excited at what is sure to turn into a pissing contest over who's dealt with the most insane brides.

This has happened to me in my profession(not photography).

I would have packed up and left.. and I have.
I cant wait to hear everyones storys!! I still like doing weddings she apologized.. But now I'm going to have to accentuate moms wrinkles and double chin maybe add 3 more. Just kidding... just venting. Im not a whiny cry baby just felt like throwing people threw windows. :)
Well....that was a good day wasnt it? I'm sure glad she didnt break your lens!!!

oh boy, i've had my share of crazy's, some low budget when i was starting out, some much higher end - there are crazy's in all price ranges!....but none takes the cake more so than the wedding where someone objected....yes, you all know that part of the ceremony...welll, the groom's children, early 20's all got up and had alot to say, most of it swearing and then they left. the ceremony did go on.

i've seen a bride sewing the dresses onto the bridesmaids bodies because she did not get them done in time, then the wedding was 2 hrs late because of that, a snow storm hit and 3/4 of the guests left.

ohhhhh...and then there was the drunk groom yelling to guests "hey there's the cousins come on sit down" , while the bride was coming down the aisle..... this wedding i nearly walked out on.

and then there was the complete bridezilla who had everyone walking on eggshells, yellling at everyone, walked out 3 times, screamed bloody murder in a backroom just before she came down the aisle, and yes, EVERYONE heard, then as soon as the wedding was over, she left. Then she came back, yelled at one of her bridesmaids, left again.... honestly, i didnt know if i was coming or going. we did actually do the pictures, but you should see the tear stained faces in them!!!! crazy.

ok, who's next????
yeah, F*** THAT! if something like that happened on a consistent basis i'd get fed up with it so quick, it's not worth it.
Remind me that if I ever get into wedding photography to include an escape clause stating something to the effect:

"If I (the photographer) is in any way abused (verbally, physically) by the wedding party, I reserve the right to immediately leave the event and not return. No refund will be given. If any of my equipment is damaged by any member of the wedding party, they will either pay for repair or replacement of said equipment at my discretion."

And then of course if someone else damages the equipment and won't pay for it, you can always sue them in small claims court.
My goodness I can't beleive the nerve some people have - she actually amcked your lens!?>!?!?!? I would have been redfaced furious!
One of the weddings I did I asked the bride if she would like to pose for apicture with her mother. She said "I don't like my mother." And her mother was right there! I was like "oh. um. Ok." LOL

THen the last one was free of course, her mother wanted me to do them but the bride, well - time to do pics after the ceremony and she says "I need a cigarette, can we just do this effing s*#t inside?"

Neither tops your but I thought I'd share. ;)
I hope your next is happier. :)
Wow. I have been VERY fortunate so far because I haven't dealt with anything remotely close to any of these stories. But, I'm sure the day will come. It kind of makes sense though because it seems like once you throw a bunch of family members together in a high stress situation like a wedding the bad side of people will come out.
Sorry you had to deal with that crap!
Well I only had to deal with a crazy hermit catholic priest that seemed to be afraid of flashes. Its was funny I never heard a catholic priest swear until then.
I would have charged that b*tch for a new lens!!! doesn't matter if the old one was broke or not... that's way outta line...

I also may have decided to leave.... depending on what the contract was. :)

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