Hasselblad 50 & 200 Digital Backs

If you have to ask the price, you can't afford it?
Well, I suppose I could sell my summer cottage in Paris.................
Caches ? Pour un dos numérique ?

Excusez-moi............. Pourquoi un dos numériques bouchons utilisation de lentilles ?
That would be nuts to have a camera payment thats the same as a mortgage :aiwebs_016:
I wonder if we traded in gsgary if they'd set us up with maybe a demo model of the lowly 50-MP one?
Gary....just so you know, my idea of trading you in on a new digi-back for Hassy was my way of implying that you are valuable as heck! Hmmm...you know, like the cow Jack traded for the magic beans!

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