hassleblad or canon xt?


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Apr 30, 2006
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santa barbara ca
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hey you guys i want to get a digital camera for portraits.(and other pics)
i know i little bit about them, and was thinking about getting the canon rebel xt. its 8 mp and it's not too expencive.but i was also thinking about getting a medium format camera. i saw some hassleblads on ebay, but i also saw some copys.
just wondering what you guys think would be the best, in your opinion, on witch one i should get.

any advise would be apreciated.

would they both be used for those portraits? what kind of portraits do you shoot? If you have a slow paced processing style and can take a more relaxed workflow, then the hassleblad would be a nice choice since the image quality would be a large amount better. if you do portraits that don't get printed above 11x14 or 12x18, i'd say the rebelxt (unless you'd like to shoot film). it also might be a good choice to go with the xt if you need the photos done as quickly as possible and need a fast workflow. it's kinda relative...
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How are you going to use the cameras? I ended up with both. I use digital for learning and film for projects and more "serious" stuff... don't have a hassy yet, only a medium format yashica.

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