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Dec 14, 2003
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Still trying to get my PS skills going. This is my first attempt at making a gravestone come alive.
Took 4 layers to complete.

Thank you April for your eyes.:hugs: I will return them soon....k?:hugs:
Wow! That is stunning - very lifelike! You're getting awesome with that PS stuff! I need lessons PS master! :mrgreen:
yea your doing good here, looks cool. I would maybe burn the lower lid a little to 'set back' the eye a bit more, but good job mate :thumbup:
great picture and great PS skills too, love it.
you guys are too much for me. very cool Carl! :thumbup:
Jeepers Creepers (where'd you get those...oh, never mind). WOW, great work on the Photoshop. Very very cool effect with those beautiful blue eyes.
hey chiller.... this is...just too much...are those really my eyes...??

they look better on her than me...

thanks for the mention...
Thank you so much for your awesome comments.
Archangel....thanks for the tip. I have burned the lower eyelids and reposted it. I think it really adds to the depth of the eye.
Aprilraven...yes they are your eyes. I will return them soon....k?

thanks again all.
Thanks so much everyone. I appreciate your comments.
DDave..Im still fairly new to the photoshop world. I only new the basics, so im just starting to branch out. It is a hole new world out there.

Photovision...Just a dream I had one time. I dreamed that my whole Halloween display came alive. So, I got that image in my head all the time. ONce alive, I will let them do what they want. :lmao: :lmao: It would make an awesome movie.

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