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Mar 4, 2005
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Hoorn, The Netherlands
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you guys what i do for school these days?
Well, some of you will know that i go to a bird of prey demo alot. And now im working there :D
Im going there 2 times a week and do all kinds of cool things with birds of prey. And i get the chance to take nice pics. The first pic you see is taken about 3 weeks ago. They are called steenuiltjes here (which would be stone owls, i dont think thats the correct name though) the 2 pics after that are the same 2 chicks. Shot last week. These little fellows growup so fast. The last pic is me feeding another chick, called an Oehoe (dont even know how to translate that :) ) Anyways, im really thrilled to be working there and you can expect some more pics soon.




Thanks for looking
Greetz Daan
You are working there now!?!?
That is great!
I am so happy for you!
(Is it you feeding the owls in the last?)
Do take many, many photos and send them all here!
Ah, I want to do the happy dance for you, you must really enjoy your job! :boogie:
great shots... congrats on working there too, that sounds like a blast... :thumbup:
Thanks for the replies :)
I just came back from the place and had another great day. Going again tomorow. Cleaning, feeding and maybe some flying.....its all just great :D
And Corinna, yes that is me feeding the young owl. Ill try to take many pics, but the weather isnt really cooperating. Ah well, ill be there for a while so i got more then enough time to take pics :D

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