have you ever

That is wild! :lol: Never heard of that, let alone tried it. Very interesting read.
So...wait...I"m not even a darkroom junkie, and I've heard of something you two HAVEN'T? Whoa. Don't remember what I heard about it or when, or where...but I do know I'd heard that. Could have sworn it was right here in this very forum.
:lol: See? You know more than you think you know. If it was ever mentioned here I totally missed it!
mysteryscribe said:
Well it's and interesting thought coffee and orange juice developers but to be honest with the price of either I think i'll stick with d76.
And it smells so much better, too. :mrgreen:
I did this experiment with coffee about two years ago, the negative came out very light, but with some extra work scanning & in PS they looked good (different), unfortunately I recent deleted them for my PBASE site for the space.

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