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Discussion in 'Beyond the Basics' started by cactus waltz, Nov 25, 2004.

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    I've had my camera for a month and a half now, and while I didn't think I was utterly awful in the beginning, I do feel that I've gotten a lot better. I've sort of reached a point where every new picture I make is on par with the last one, or better: it feels incredible. Such a freaking kick. I suppose you oldbies know what I'm talking about.

    Anywho, my question is: how do you feel the enthusiasm with photography changes over time? Do you ever get less passionate? I suppose no, since you hang here, but you might still feel a difference from when you were young and hungry?

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    I don't go out nearly as often. Mostly because I feel I don't have any new spots around where I live. Going to the same spots repeatedly can really be uninspiring.

    I remember reading about one photographer who got bored and to renew his interest in it, went on a journey though some national park, but the kicker was he only allowed himself to take one photo per day. Come rain or shine, over-exposed, under-exposed, didn't matter, just the one shot. Renewed his interest in the hobby I guess. (made a book of it, if you wanted to do some searching about it)
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    Where am I now?
    Personally I have found that, while my enthusiasm for Photography as a whole has remained pretty much the same, the focus of my interest moves.
    When I started I got the usual fixation with equipment, thinking that to be a better photographer I just needed better equipment - and lots of it.
    Then I got obsessed with the pursuit of technical perfection - total control of lighting, sensitometry, the zone system, toning and so on and so forth. This was the way to being a better photographer.
    After that the image became all important - the content and structure of the image. Composition, visual dynamics, tonal values, the use of space, meaning...
    Now I seem to be looking beyond even that....
    I'm not sure wether it's like growing up or if it's like a love affair - maybe both. All I know is that the subject is endlessly fascinating and there is always something new.
    Students and friends always tell me: 'you are so laid back and you don't seem to care about anything - but once you start talking about Photography you just light up and get so...passionate!' I hope that never changes. :)
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    He's got a website to which has lots of those pictures. I've forgotten his name as well. :?

    I blow hot and cold with most things and photography is no different. I get rushes of ideas and I spend lots of time taking all sorts of photos. After a while I burn myself out and go through a dry spell. Repeat to fade...

    I'll point out that I've only been doing photography ten months and I've just hit my first rough patch.
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    Something that I've noticed: as I learned more about photography, and looked at other folks' work, then I became much more critical of my own photos. Once upon a time it seemed like I was getting fantastic photos on every roll. Now I probably shoot 10 times as many pics, and I'm only really excited by a half dozen or so good photos a year. But I still love it, if anything, I'm more obsessed with photography now, 10 years later, than when I was first getting into it.
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    Aug 23, 2004
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    The learning never stops. The technologies get better especially in the digital realm. I'm a film guy and I get excited when I think I got a great shot just waiting for it to be developed. In my opinion, there are great shots just waiting in areas you've been over a million times. As the learning continues, these potential opportunities become more and more evident. Just thinking of all the lost opportunities I've missed because I didn't have a camera at that moment makes me sad. Those moments are now lost forever. Keep the faith. You will amaze yourself during your "learning" process...
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    Oct 16, 2004
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    Great topic cactus waltz.

    It seemed everywhere I went, someone was holding a digi cam. I was never into photography, but love a good photo. I had been playing with my home PC for about two years, and the digi cam bug bit me. My Kodak DX4330 took some wonderful shots. I was surprised how much others like MY pictures. Just sitting aroud at mt parents home I snapped a pic of a boat. It was "just" a picture, so I thought. Growing up on the shores of Lake Superior one becomes a "boat nerd". This pic
    as a matted and framed 5X7 made the most wonderful 60th birthday present for my Mother.

    In the fall/winter I started taking photos of the players on my son's 10yo hockey team. The feeling I got from others who were so happy that someone would do this was amazing. Just point, click, resize and post. No big deal.

    This brought me to "this point and shoot digi cam wont do it anymore". I purchased a 12x zoom, fully manual digi cam (Panasonic FZ-10). I felt the same, not totally awful in the beginning, but I thought I bit off to much with this manual camera.

    Your enthusiasm question is a good one. At first I was a "freak" taking a hundered pics a day. Ya that kinda slows after taking photos of everything close by. On-line forums have been a blessing, and I have learned much. Just looking at the photos on this site give me many ideas to keep my interest. I keep saying "I gotta try that!" when I see others work.

    I guess after all my jibberish, the fact that there is so much to learn keeps my interest at a high level. Compostion of a photo is my downfall, and plan on using this forum to get the help I need. My sister is a big fan of my "work" and has mentioned that a portrait of the six grandsons would make a great Christmas gift for Mom. Between myself, brother and sister the boys range in age from 1 to 17, and this will be a challenge for an amature photographer.

    I say carry your camera everywhere you go, and snap away. You will be surprised at what you can capture. Some of the favorites are the ones you got just because you carry that "thing everywhere you go"(thats my wifes line, she thinks I'm nuts).

    Snap away, and enjoy it.

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