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Feb 27, 2016
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I tried to delete my first post but couldn't..I have attached pictures now.

Hi all,

Just started playing with HDR this week and almost want to use it on all pics I love the effects so much.

I am using trial of Photmix Pro, but I read a review of excellent fee software.. I didn't bookmark it, and can' t find it in my history.

Can you all suggest some good free software to try out? I want lots of prets, single pic option, and a way to keep the original raw size (74"), the trial one I am using shrinks them down toabout a foot when I save them....a lot I want to make very large prints of to hang. Anysuggestions much appreciated.
June Louise_6x4_lightned_with_curves_Deep FS_29 -8 69 12 LVL 1.64.jpg
June Louise_6x4_HDR_2_natural_26 -7 69 12_LV 17_1.56_243..jpg

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