Headed to the zoo tomorrow, what to bring?


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May 20, 2013
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Well, I'm headed to the zoo tomorrow. I initially was planning on bringing my camera bag, with some different lenses... But now I'm not so sure. It's hot hot hot here in Boston right now, and is supposed to be 95 tomorrow.

Is just going with my 5d3, 70-200 f4 and 1.4x tc sufficient for the zoo? It Would certainly force me to use that focal length and practice a more limited technique.

My bag does get pretty heavy, but it might be nice to have a wider lens too. Hmm. Sometimes I wind up switching lenses too much.

Decisions... Lol.
I visit the zoo here in Nashville a lot and the zoo in Chattanooga occasionally. Personally I'd never go without my 70-300. Even it is a bit short sometimes, and I have been known to haul my 150-500 with me. If I'm going to visit the reptile house and aquarium I take my 17-70, a flash with diffuser, and an off-camera flash cord. Those are the only time I've needed anything wider though.

I'm lucky in that the zoo here is only a mile from home and I keep an annual membership. When I go I normally know what I'm going to try and visit so I don't have to haul everything.
Hmm. Yeah the zoo is only like a mile or two from me too, and I've never been! It's not a fancy zoo, but it should be interesting.

I think I'll just bring the 70-200 with my TC. And not worry about switching lenses all day, or carrying a 25 pound bag!
If it's that close, I would to. I don't like leaving camera gear in my vehicle (even though I've never had any problems I'm still paranoid) so I normally just take what I know I'm going to use.

Zoos don't have to be fancy, only interesting. Take your time and watch the animals for a few minutes. You'll see that all of them will exhibit some sort of characteristic that makes them interesting. I really enjoy the zoo here, and spend a lot of time there.
I just went a week or so ago and I brought my Mark III and my 70-200mm. It was perfect for the day.
That should be plenty of zoom for the zoo.
A wide angle sounds fairly useless for a zoo. I've never even considered taking one. Even in places like a reptile house, wide angle composition requires precise placement, and you can't do that with big sheets of glass stopping you.

Mleh. Medium-long zoom and call it a day. 70-200 sounds plentifully good. 300 would probably be useful but not necessary.
When I'm at the zoo there's very little need for a wide lens. I use my 70-200 and my 300mm prime.
It was a pretty nice day out. Hot, but nice. I did only bring the 70-200, plus the 1.4X TC which actually stayed on the lens for the duration of the visit. Got a few decent shots I think:

A Trip to The Zoo - a set on Flickr
Some nice shots and that machine your using does great high ISO photos.

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