Heart Like

Steven Dillon

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Apr 23, 2017
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South Carolina
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Heart Like is another from my current portfolio and was composed at Hopeland Gardens.

From The Artist's Story Blog:
"More often than not I’m amazed with what I find while exploring life at the macro level or hunting for the beauty within. The subject in Heart Like was in a group of similar flowers along a grassy area across from the Doll House. The ground looked recently tilled, and I would estimate that they had been planted no more than two weeks prior. Even though the flowers had nice colors, they were small and fairly close to the ground. The lower a subject is, the more challenging creating a composition can be because the available working area is reduced. Given those concerns coupled with the fact that this was an early summer morning and an abundance of other subjects were available, I could have easily walked right past them. But since I hadn’t previously seen anything growing in that spot, I was curious and decided that, at a minimum, I’d give them a quick exploration. I was not disappointed as my first look revealed how much we simply don’t see from a standing distance. For example, the shimmering petal surfaces that give the impression that someone poured glitter on them.

After examining several potential subjects, I found that they all had comparable shapes in their centers, but this one spoke to me. I felt that its center more closely resembled a heart and, in my mind’s eye, it had the ability to pump the pink color out into the petals with each beat. The high level of detail allows surface texture to be seen as well as individual hairs and what appear to be little scales on the heart’s surface."

Canon 5DMkIII
1 second
180mm + 2X
No Flash
Gitzo tripod
Arca Swiss B1


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