Heat/Warmth Challenge Results!

Which photo is your favorite?

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I can't believe I have to ask this but is there a trick to voting? I clicked on the link where it says "vote here". I can see the poll and the results of those who have already voted but I just can't get it to take my vote. Really, I'm college educated but I can't figure it out. :?
hmm thats strange.. that didnt happen to me.. wen i opened the page, the 8 choices were up and i jus ticked on of them...
Well, duh! (sarcasm meant to myself, not you) Of course that's what I was doing wrong. THANKS!
chaseman24 said:
please don't include your name on the photo. We'd like to keep it as anonymous as possible until voting is complete.

hmmm... maybe u should hav commented after the voting was done El-Mariachi ;)
those were pretty good ... i'd like to know who photographed the one i voted for :D
Ya we’re trying to keep it anonymous, but don't worry about it El-Mariachi. No real harm done. Photographers can come forward later (once voting is finished) and take credit for the photos.
Where can I post my picture?? And is this contest still going on?
Hey sorry I fell off the announcement ball on this one. Anyway a belated congrats goes out to the photographer of photo 4, Hojamohoho.
Hojamohoho is our first two time photo challenge winner! I think that deserves an extra round of applause. Congrats Hojamohoho! :)

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