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Jan 2, 2008
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I've been looking for other options to offer to my wedding clients.
I've been seeing this Heavy Board Wedding book on different wedding photographers websites. Any idea who prints and for how much?
Here are some links to sites I have seen them on.

could be grapihstudio...looks close at least.
actually yeah, it says so at the bottom of the screen that's who manufactures them...I guess I don't understand the question.
I found the Graphistudio website, but I think they are in Italy. Does anyone know of an american company that is doing these kinds of books? And How much do they cost? I need to see if it is feasable for me to offer this to my clients.
LULU.com does something similar...just not these exact books. Graphistudio is great, just give em a call, they'll answer all questions...they have offices here in the states.
Thanks Nicfargo, I sent them a message through their website.
GraphiStudio is in Italy, but they ship to US. The photogs I work for use Graphi and they are stunning! Brides really like them. There is a little bit longer of a wait for shipping but it's well worth it.

Zookbinders also offers something similar in their Zookbook. I guess it all depends on what you want.

Are these resellers of the Graphi books? Or are they just extremely similar. If similar, have you worked with any of them and what is the quality like?
I carry the Graphi as well, and it's not what I would call "post board". Their pages really aren't that thick. (But it is a very nice album)

So, no, these are different album manufactures.

The best one IMO, as I sell them all, is the Kingston. The cost is about 450 for a 40 side 10x10.

Hope that helps.

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