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    Hello fellow photographers and artists! I just popped onto this forum while considering a new purchase (Canon 28-135IS) and found out there are some really great and knowledgeable people on here so I joined. I've been into photography for the past 17 years of my little life. Shooting pro off and on while humping it out in the corporate workplace (better known as, HELL). I'm turning 29 in August :grumpy: and keep telling my kids; follow your dreams, you gotta stick with what you love, yada yada yada. Yeah, OK, my oldest is only 6 but I came to the realization that they won't ever listen to what I tell them...I gotta live it. With that said, I've decided to "get back into it" and purchase a Canon SLR (which I still have to do). I have a Bronica SQA-I medium format which I LOVE but the film man......sooooooo old school. Actually, I love film but its just so expensive and time consuming!

    Anyways, its so wonderful to be among new photography friends. I'm looking forward to learning lots and hopefully add in some of my own knowledge that will help someone out there.

    Peace. :drool:


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