Heliconia Rostrata


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Apr 26, 2006
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This was taken in Dominica with my D50 and 18-55mm kit lens. Specs are 35mm at 1/80 and f/4.8.

Beautiful flower and rich colours!
I have only ever seen flowers like this one (without ever learning their names, I should add :blulsh2: ) in Rainforest Houses, you know: those big hothouses which display a large rebuilt section of rainforest.
I'm not too sure about the vignetting along with the frame, though. A simple black border would have done, too, I think, but that is a question of taste.
i saw some of these when i was in hawaii recently :)

i didn't even know the name of them, thanks!

the image looks a little out of focus... or rather the focus seems to be the larger green leaf in the center of the image, which takes away from the punch of the non-green plant.
I took a bunch of pictures of that particular duo and it was very difficult to get the entire thing in focus. Of course, it doesn't help matters much when you've got all sorts of plants behind and coming through. :)

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