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Aug 20, 2009
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Hello once again. The last time i posted here was a few years ago back when i was a student, i was young, foolish, naive and often strongly opinionated. I rushed out of university and straight into an attempt to run my own photography business, the work was always of a good standard but i failed to recognize how much hard work was required, how much sacrifice was needed and my business planning was poor. Needless to say, i failed, it hurt and i put everything photographic to one side. I took a job in IT to pay the bills, moved house more than once, had a beautiful daughter and married a beautiful woman. Its been a mixed bag, but the positives have outweighed the negatives three fold.
However somethings been missing, i don't love what i do. So I've decided to give things another shot, as someone a little older, a little wiser and a little tougher. I'm planning on taking things slowly, so no handing in the notice just yet.

Ive already had a poke about and I've seen some familiar faces (Big Mike, Derrel), so hello once again and here's to not giving up and giving things another shot.
Happy to see you again! :) Sounds more like you just graduated from the School of Hard Knocks - don't sweat it, sometimes we learn best the hard way, right?

Keep posting and enjoy the place. Post some pics!
Welcome to the site.
Welcome back!!! I remember you and your wild and crazy screaming avatar!!!
Welcome back. I'm sure your experience will be a benefit to you, this time around. And I'm sure your experience can be a benefit to those of us around here as well.

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