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    TPF members,

    Hello all, just stoping in so every one can get to know me a little. I am in my 20's and have had an XSI for about 2 years but have only got super serious with it the last two months.

    I have a kit lense ( 18-55 ) and bought a 70-300 with is and usm ( the one step below the one with the DO glass ). I have a ( from what i think ) pretty good understanding of whats going on, well i know the wheels are turning any way when it comes to photography, and I am here mainly because the guy i deal with at the camera store cannot talk with me 24/7 lol he does need a day off (i guess) and thats where you all come in.

    So if you see me around dont be shy, and if I do ask somthing that seems dumb id rather you PM me about it then starting a flame thread.

    well have a good day



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