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Jan 21, 2008
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Panama City, Panama
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Greetings from Panama. I am a US citizens, but now live here in Panama.I used to build & race cars. Was in the military. But now I am disabled. I am not in a wheelchair or nothing like that. But got hurt pretty bad. So now I enjoy going to events & just taking photos whenever I get a chance. I take photos of just about everything. I started with photography in 1993. But never really got into it (just a point & shoot thing) until just recently. In 2001 I got my first digital camera. Been pretty much doing digital since.
I have alot of people say I take nice photos, but mainly I think I just get lucky. I position myself where I think the shot looks best & then hope for the best.

Anyway, I am stepping away from the the car world to step into this one. Much cheaper, less stressful, plus you can actually go places other then a racetrack :D.

I am going to post a few photos in the General Gallery. Feel free to do what ya like with the photos. Let me know what ya think.

Thank you.
My other hobby is guitars... both hobbies are very expensive. I was hoping photography would be a break to my wallet, this has not been the case as of yet.

Welcome to the forum. Find the appropriate gallery and put up some of your work for us :)
Aahhh... Someone with a great handle! Espresso! ;)

Welcome to TPF.
Hi Espresso, welcome to the forum. Glad you joined us, and thanks for your service to our country. Hope to see you here often so don't be a stranger.

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