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Mar 2, 2012
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Hello all, My name is Danny. I am a forty-one year old father of three, I've always loved photography but could never really afford a real camera. I finally broke down and bought one. Now, I don't know what to do with it. I will be enrolling in New York Institue of Photography as soon as my job agrees to pay for it. I am going to take the online course, it states in their ads that I can take the class at my own leisure. I hope that's true, thats exactly what I need. I Bought the Canon EOS 60D EF-S 18-135mm IS Lens Kit. I am looking foward to reading ahead and getting some great help from all of you.
Welcome! Great hobby... and sounds like you are already serious about it! Great! :)
Welcome aboard.

The thing about NYIP's on-line course (from what I've seen/heard) is that you really have to be self disciplined and follow though on it. I'd guess that 80% of the people who start it, don't finish it. I haven't heard that there is anything wrong with it...it's just not an ideal system of learning for most people. Probably in no-small-part because people who sign up for on-line courses, probably don't have a lot of extra time to begin with.

So if you do go that route, be sure that you have the discipline to stick with it.

Other options might be night courses etc. Most people lean better/faster then they are interacting directly with a teaching (and other students).

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