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Dec 11, 2007
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for the information i have harvested from this site in the shoirt time i have been here. i am currently intrested in changing carreers over the course of the next few years. i am currently in the automotive repair field and have been since 1974,and man am i burned out! i have always had a love for photography,but for strange reasons stayed very far away. currently besides the p&s stuff we have in the house,my newest purchase was the e 510 with a pair of lenses,the 14-42 f3.5-5.6 as well as 40-150 f3.5-4.5. elements 6,fl-50 flash.
trying to learn what i can here,taking some basic classes through my local click store,looking for a reputable online class,then possibly a community college course.
i would eventually (2010) love to be making a living out of this hobby, childrens portraits,weddings etc.
i am so in awe of some of the work i see here,it make it very hard for me to post anything for critique,i am sure this will pass however. elsaspet is certainly one of those names that easily come to mind. wow, what great work !

i would certainly love to hear any reccomendations for schooling as well as equipment.
Welcome, bp! Here's wishing you well with the career change. And don't be afraid to start posting...I look forward to seeing some of your pics.
how long before you can retire with a pension? I'm not sure how much farther you gotta go...different for everyone.
Hello, and welcome BP to the forum. After some courses, you may want to look into being a second shooter in a local studio. Many studio photographers will take in a dedicated soul and train. The pay to start is not so good in most instances. If you really have an eye and talent, you may fast track that, but it's hard. Don't let me discourage you, just jump in with both eyes wide open.
Hey, welcome BP. Glad you finally gave in to the photography side of things. Glad to have you with us.

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