Hello everybody, I'm new here


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Apr 30, 2003
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Hey folks.

I'm new here as I'm a very amatuer photographer and I'm in search of some folks to share questions and successes with. I'd really like to move into the professional world of taking photographs and am always searching for resources...critisisms and such.

I see a lot of post here unanswered...so I'm making my commitment to contribute as much as I can (right or wrong) and hope that we really come together to share and help each other out.

I use an old fully manual minolta SLR and a new Olympus Camedia C-720 digital....I'm thinking the new Kodak 14 megapixel camera is the beginning of digital replacing film...and I'm the biggest purist ever. Digital printing isn't anywhere near ready...but digital photographs printed by photoshops are really nice. My favorite types of pics are Hurrell Style Hollywood glamour photos...but I'm also trying to build a commercial portfolio just to get some work and experience.

Take a looksee and tell me what you think

I just wanted to say hi and welcome you to the forum!

Also, I tried the link you supplied, but for some reason it isn't working for me. I'll try it again later, just in case.

Hope you enjoy the site :D
Thanks for replying. Photoasa.com is a free hosting site..so yes, it sometimes is down. But never for long. Please try again later.
Cool, the site is working.

I enjoyed your work, and I can definitely see a certain style to what you shoot.

Keep up the great work and update us when you add new shots!

You have a great style of photography. I like it a lot.

I'm drooling right now over the Gretsch.

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