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Jun 30, 2013
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Hello. I googled photography forums and this one was the first to come up and as I browsed through the various threads I knew this was the place to be.I have been taking photos for around seven years now and my first dslr was a Canon EOS 350D, It was great but the constant use took its toal and eventually my precious died. I couldnt afford a new SLR so after a year or so I purchased a bridge camera (finepix HS20 exr). It wasnt a bad camera but it just couldnt cut the mustard when it comes to creative photography. So I now have a shiney new Nikon D3200, so far so good and I hope with help from the good folks of the photo forum I can get back to the same level of photography I was at a few years ago.
Welcome to the forum.
Thanks. I'm enjoying it already. The photos on here look great. Hope I can get to the same level as some of the photographers on here
Hello and welcome to the forum!
Welcome to the site.

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