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Jul 23, 2013
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Dallas, Texas
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Hello y'all, my name is Jason and I live around Dallas, Texas. I have been an electrician for almost 20 years now. Last Christmas my in-laws gave me a Sony A57 to take better pictures of my daughter's cheer competitions. I am completely new to photography, I have been reading anything I can get my hands on lately to learn my camera better. I have a slight understanding of the exposure triangle, which means, I know what the shutter is and how it works, I know what the aperture is and how it works, and I know what ISO is. What I am trying to figure out and learn is how to put it all together and end up with a great exposure. I love the lay out of this forum and hopefully will be able to take advantage of the great information available here. Thanks in advance for all the help.
Welcome Fellow Texan and Dallas Neighbor!
Welcome to the forum Jason!
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