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Jun 6, 2013
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Greetings. I just joined moments ago and wanted to stop in and say hi. I'm going to try not to be a simple lurker and participate and learn a lot.

A quick history:

I have always been into "taking pictures" and when I was, oh about 14 or so I bought a Canon film slr. I don't remember the model. I only had the one lens and didn't know the first thing about it. I took a lot of pictures and just had them developed at whatever 1 hour I came across. Then one day the shutter quit working. I couldn't afford to fix it so it just sat until I pitched it or gave it away... I don't remember. In fact my Aunt and Uncle bought me my first and only tripod and I still use it today.

Flash forward to this past Christmas, I am now 36 and I caught the bug to take pictures again but with a bit more knowledge and a better eye. I picked up a
Fugifilm HS30EXR

Boy I thought I was something... it really took pretty good pictures and I was getting better with it. So the family and I took a trip to Pictured Rocks National Lake shore in Michigan's Upper Peninsula. The trip started off great. Got some okay shots in Mackinac on the way up and our first day at Pictured Rocks I got lots of waterfalls and scenery. Day 2 I was so excited as we were going to be out all day seeing all the formations and scenery. We pulled up and parked and got everything out of the car and got ourselves set. We noticed a bathroom and thought a stop would be wise before heading out. These were the outhouse types with just a hole over a septic... No not what you think, I took my camera off and set it aside so it wouldn't have any chance of falling in. Nope not that either, I did remember to pick it back up... But once back outside when I went to put the strap over my hoodie it caught and when I let go instead of falling around my neck it dropped right to the concrete... it was toast. The body when one day and the non-detachable lens went the other. I about lost it but to protect the family I kept it together the best I could and set out to enjoy my day the best I could.

Upon our return it was straight back to Best Buy... I had bought the protection plan on the camera. 3 days later they decided it wasn't worth fixing and with no comparison in stock it was store credit for me. I was about to give up on the hobby and just use the money for something else but told the wife lets go check the prices on dSLR's just to see if we could catch a sale. In fact we did...

I got $349.00 back on the Fuji and was able, with pressing by my wife, to pick up the Nikon d3100 2 lens kit for $499. This just ignited the fire and I am photo crazy now. Dying to learn everything I can about this camera and all it can do.

Here is my favorite shot to date. Room for improvement but I like it:
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