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Feb 25, 2009
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I have always been interested in photograghy, but it always seems to go on the back burner, i want to find out all i can and hopefully start up my own business! I don't have a camara yet, cuz i don't have the money for it, but im def interested in get one, but i dont know what kind, or style or nething. Im new to forums as well, so i thought id try this out and hopefully get some good info and be able to start my own business in time! I love takin pictures! And this is just something i've been wanting to do, my bf and i have talked about it and tryin to decided how to go about it, i have no schooling for it n i thought about goin to school but at the same time i don't want to, so im takin his advice and tryin to learn all i can online instead, and im hopin this will help me as well! :biggrin: Im just ready to do something with my life, and do wat i love to do! which is cooking and taking pictures!
Hi, I am new to this forum myself also, but not new to photography overall. I am glad to see that you have finally made the decision to actually move forward and start to pursue photography. The first thing that you will find out is at first it will take a lot of patience and time. Also you are not going to get the perfect picture everytime like you would hope to.
The next issue is what type of camera you will be using/buying and learning about it. If you are going to buy a D-Slr type camera you will have to spend some time reading forums and talking to people who are familiar with those types of cameras because they can be intimidating to some novice photographers. You could also simply start with a point-and-shoot camera but please do not expect professional results. A point-and-shoot camera will be easier for you to use and capture shots and will help you hone your skills.
If you would like you can visit my website @ www.dereksimon.com and view some of my shots along with a few websites that can help you with your photography. Later on down the road, if you need, I would be willing to provide you with some help in regards to creating professional websites and galleries so that your photos can be seen by all. Please let me know if you need any more help or still have questions and I will try to answer you as soon as I can.

Derek Simon
Thank you very much!! I greatly appericate everything! N i looked at ur site and my fav pic is the first one! with the water passing throu the rocks that is such a beautiful picture! I one day want to be takin pictures like that! i also love takin pictures of people as well! but scenery is def one of my fav! so i guess the first thing i need to start out with would b a camera rite?! ive been lookin on here n it seems like a lot of ppl are talkin about a dslr camera now i have no idea wat it means but i guess i better start checkin into it! thanks again for everything! n im sure ill b askin more questions! lol
Welcome aboard.

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