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Sep 21, 2010
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Quebec, Canada
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Hello everyone, I'm 22, and I just started doing photography in july.

The short story is, I was a web designer intern last summer and I was always in photoshop modifying photos. The reason was that the customer was a not at all a professionnal and only took photos with his point and shoot, and that was absolutely not an acceptable level for a professionnal website. So I learned more and more about photography, and that really made me feel like trying it myself (and proving to myself that the customer was really a lousy photographer and that I could do better if I wanted).

So I went into a small photography shop, saw that nice little Nikon D3000 for only 480 CAD and bought it without thinking twice. Since then, I am rarelly in a social event or anywhere without my camera.

And I AM indeed better than the customer I was talking about. Next time I do work for someone, I'll be able to take the photos myself.

So that's about me :D

Any questions?

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