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Sep 9, 2015
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San Antonio
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My name is Brigitte and I am new to this forum. I have had my Sony a55 for about 3 years and just now am I starting to really learn how to use it and really get into photography. So far I am loving it!! I am looking to meet new people that also love photography, learn new techniques and being artistic with the camera!!!
welcome, Brigitte.
What kind of photography do you do?

Hi Traveler,
I am in San Antonio Texas. I am just starting to explore different techniques so I can find something I love. Any suggestions, tips and so on from experienced photographers/artists I would greatly appreciate.
Hello Brigitte,
why don't you do a little experiment in "photographic brainstorming" to get an idea of which direction to start off in. Take your camera out and about around your town for a few hours and take shots of anything and everything that catches your eye or tickles your fancy. When you look at these photos later, you might find a pattern emerges.

I really think a great way to learn photography is with the help of a master-level teacher of photography. I still recommend the many John Hedgecoe photography books, like his Complete Course book, for example. Why a book, and why from this one author? He was a full professor of photography at London's Royal College, the first one ever. His books have small, short chapters, with dozens of diagrams and illustrations and comparison photos. The books contain the overview of photography. The old idea that, "You don;t even know what it is that you do not know," applies very well to photography because it uses art, science, and craft, and there's a lot to learn about the subject. There is nothing as handy as being able to leaf through 300 pages with say 1,200 how-to illustrations and diagrams. Used, his books are often only five or six bucks. I would definitely pick up any of his titles.

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