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Oct 20, 2015
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Southwestern Michigan
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Hi! My name is April. I am quite new at photography. I have recently acquired a Nikon D3100, along with a couple of lenses. I am aware that this is no where near the best setup out there, however it is new to me. I have read lots of info about this camera and photography in general but there is so much to learn. I hope you will all have patience with me. I am sure I will ask questions that have been asked before. I have been to several other forums and have had some nasty and rude responses to my questions. I hope this does not happen here. Everyone has to start somewhere and I am at the bottom.

Do not belittle your ownership of the D3100. The camera is capable of quite a lot.

We're mostly a friendly, helpful group, so ask anything.

BTW: it will help a lot if when you ask a question to post a photograph that illustrates your concern.
Thank you, Designer! I have been looking around and this seems like a great place.
Welcome, most everyone here seems pretty cool. I don't know much about Nikon, but I have seen great shots come from all types of cameras. I am sure your setup is more than capable of greatness. I can't wait to see some of your shots.

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