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Mar 15, 2005
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459 posts later, I realized that I never introduced myself to you guys. Some of you know me from around. I guess it's too late to do the whole formal introduction, so I'll just post my cheat sheet.

Name: Max Bloom
Age: 20 yrs old
Location: Raleigh, NC/Richmond, VA
Sign: Leo
Religious Disposition: Agnostic
Underwear: Boxers
Film or Digital? Film

I'm superficially cocky, arrogant, and self-righteous, but secretly a humble softie. I speak spanish, a little hindi, and can read and write hebrew. I have a thing for south asian women. And no, that's not a lens in my pocket.
Hey Maxie, a belated welcome to ya...

And I hope the lens is a zoom, not a Wide Angle 'pancake':lmao: :lmao:
hey there max... good to have you here.. keep posting :D
If I had said "Underwear: Tighty Whities," that would be too much information.
Tooo funny to be posting an intro after 459 posts! Better late than never, I guess (from one who never posted one herself). "Welcome".

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