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May 23, 2006
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This is my first post on this forum. I joined here after reading through the forum and was intersted in your opinion on some photos i made and did some photshopping on (a little contrast etc).

I am really new to photography (never had a camera before) but I really like it and I find myself constantly watching for a nice shot, on the street, at work or on the road.

PLease post your critique one these







All the shots are made with a canon powershot A610, 5 mp. The closeups are made with manual focus.

Thanx for watching!
Wow... great finds -- all of them! #3 is especially interesting. Definately not something that you see everyday!
The one that really jumped out at me was definitely the third shot. Wow. What an incredible spectacle, like a whole other world exists within those gossamar webs. That's very cool.
Hallo Koos, and welcome to ThePhotoForum.
You are showing us some nice work, and although Photo 1 is a bit large for viewing (resizing them to about 600x400 pixels makes them web-friendly), I really like the crispness and the continued crispness in the reflection ... and if that really is just a plain mosquito, then you got really close and make it look really big. A horror-sight for me who I have been eaten alive by those things in our garden of late ... this one would normally not live for long if it came close to me! :shock: But one this size .........!!! Whoa! ;)

That web is also very interesting ... and whether I like the decaying bird I don't know, but I know this one would fit into the "Decay" theme series in our Photo Themes (to find it, you can go to the index threads and look for the link).
Well, um, *gulp*, yes ... interesting studies here ... :pale:
and @ lafoto:

No it is not a normal mosquito it's a bigger kind which I dont the english word for. Translated from dutch to english it would be - longlegged mosquito.
I thought that some people would not like these shots because of their directness, but thats just what I was going for.

I thought that most of you would like nr. 2 best, funny. Thats my personal favorite.
The webs are made by these creatures and there was a plague of them here in Rotterdam (netherlands). I have a lot of shots from these. They eat their way through bushes and fast! I have a few shots of them where there are millions on one photo.

I am very humbled by your kind reactions. I should post some pics that have somehow gone wrong but I dont know what I could have done different (these are a few shots but off course I have made a few hundred shots in 2 weeks).

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