hello everyone


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Jun 8, 2006
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hello, im Joe-Anne, im new to the forum as you all can tell. ive always loved taking photos and started practicing daily and learning all i could, and taking things quite seriously a little over a month ago. so im definatly a beginner. i have gotten some good reviews on a few of my photos and i am starting to sell some photos as well, but only ones i get exceptional comments on. if you are interested in buying some cheap prints from me please dont hesitate to add me to msn, or aim, or email me etc. im really trying to get myself up and running. im sure to be a daily visitor with alot of posting.

hello everyone.
Welcome to the forum, Joe-Anne. I'm sure you'll find it an informative and fun site.
Welcome to TPF!
Hey TB, welcome to TPF.
Welcome again, Joe-Anne (I think I welcomed you as "Twitzid" in the General Gallery earlier today).
Sorry I am unlikely to go buy prints from you --- I am drowning in the number of photos I take myself, anyway, I'd even faster kill myself if I did ... wish someone would want to buy mine so my hobby paid itself off a bit better (and I could more easily afford to travel to TPF Meet-Ups! :lol: ).
But I will look at your photos and think about them and also write comments here and there (I do write comments here and there, as you will find out in the course of your time "on board" ;))
well thank you, yes im just trying to sell a few to people who really liked some of them, to help costs etc..
very nice to meet you!

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