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Hello from a Georgia beginner


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Apr 22, 2009
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Hello Everyone! My name is Renee, but I go by my family nickname while online- RinTinTin. I have always loved taking pictures, but have gotten into it pretty heavy within the last year. I have shot for a church web site, prom, a family wedding, and my first maternity shots. I am by no means a pro, but I have a passion to shoot those "special moments" or scenery. My photos are at www.rintinzpassion.smugmug.com

I have been looking around this sight for a couple of days and thought I could get some great advice from here. I just shot a couple (for a friend) on their prom day this past Saturday. One of the ladies I work with liked them so well she has asked me to shoot her son's wedding in June-which creates my dilemma. I don't know anything about shooting for money. I have only shot one event for money and it was $30 for a church web site.

So, I am looking for any new friends or friendly people with great advice and tips on how I should do this.

Can't wait to meet people and talk.

Best thing is to just let the people guide you through it...Candids are the best photo ops ever....
I mainly do portraits, headshots...but i did my first wedding this month....LOVED IT...
view a view shots in my portfolio at www.balliphotography.com

let me know if you want some backup for the June Wedding....

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