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Hello from Buffalo, NY


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Jun 21, 2013
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Hello all,

My name is Brian, but everyone calls me B on most of the other forums. I was referred to this site by 480sparky and thought I would come over and join in. I'm a beginner in photography and am trying to learn all about DSLR photography. I'm getting there slow but sure but have a lot to learn. I look forward to spending some time here.

Nice forum,:thumbup:

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Hello and welcome aboard B!
Welcome! :)

Buffalo, NY.. very cool. I've got an aunt and uncle in upstate NY. Do you ever get any shots at Niagara Falls?
Thank you for the welcome,
I'm glad 480 referred me....

I am a beginner so,..... keep that in the back of your mind ..lol....
As far as my work.....well.....
I'm a woodworker/high end remodeling contractor by trade , a machine junkie of OWWM (a suffering OCD machine junkie to be honest) and I am veering towards photography now. ..trying to get some quality pictures of my work and so on,,,..

You can get a better sence of where I am at as far as photography.....some of you may want to look away as the pictures on some are not to good......

My machine made the 2013 Calander because of some of the final pics I snapped with my new D5100 (and yes I know it's entry level - but I do like it very much )....I know I can do better....its just going to take some time...

Here is a little bit about what I like to do and some pictures....
Old Woodworking Machines ? View topic - Brought home an Oliver 88D with Concentric wheels today....


Welcome to the site.
Welcome aboard.
It's funny that Niagra falls was mentioned,.....
I was working at the hospital today and was less than 2 miles from the falls,...I see the mist as I drive down 62 .....

Some day I will get some pictures of the falls...it's only 20 min away from where I live in North Buffalo. I have seen it so many times since its write in my backyard practically and was not into photography at the time.....now, I'm shutter snappy......lol...



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