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    Hi photographers! I'm new to the forum and I love photography (who doesn't?). I needed a place to get help with my camera(s) and to share ideas...thoughts...etc.

    I got my first camera about 3-4 years ago, an HP Photosmart M437 (my advice: they're lousy cameras, but worked for a beginner). I took a lot of shots of just the fam and memory making trips but a while later I started to get really interested in the artistic side of photography...in the past year I have improved a long ways.

    Now I'm on my second point and shoot, a Nikon Coolpix L20 who I call Miracle Max :lol: He's a huge improvement for me and I absolutely love Nikon now...

    And I'm starting up my photography business at the moment, which is kind of daunting but photography is what I love to do. Most of all I'm a huge horse lover and I focus on photographing horses and their humans =D I love animals as well and my dog, Otis, is the subject of many shots.
    Other then that I enjoy art, reading, writing, archery, skiing, swimming, surfing, trampolines, blogging, web design, and playing pranks.



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