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Aug 17, 2010
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Lorraine, Fr
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Hello all,

my name is Pascal, I'm a Frenchman, 46, married to a British lady; we have 4 kids (17 to 3). We live in the Nort-East of France, near Germany, in a little town called Saint Nicolas de Port, near a big city : Nancy.
I'm a teacher (subject : French) and photograpy is a passion :
Lucy & I gave up smoking 3 years ago to save the money & buy gear... :pimp:

I mainly use E-system (4/3 : Olympus & Panasonic) for three reasons : dust proof system (easier for the beginner I was); overall lenses quality; telecentric image, almost no vigneting etc
I have quite a few compact cameras including Ricoh, Fujifilm -I love their sensor!-, and Sigma -DP1s- recently discovered, really impressed by IQ

My favourite subjects are : liturgy, sculpture, street photography and landscape; I love monochrome.

Well, this is a long introduction; a few uploads & comments will certainly tell more about me :chatty:



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