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Feb 18, 2009
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Warner Robins, GA and Tifton, GA
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Hello everyone, my name is Roger. Look forward to being a part of the forum. I am an active duty Air Force member. I am the photographer for my unit and have the chance to do photography at various places around the world. I also have a photography business outside the Air Force specializing in commercial, personal, and still life photography. I'm a Nikon user.
Welcome to the TPF and thank you for your service...........
Hi there Roger, and welcome to TPF. I look forward to seeing some of your pics!
Hi Roger, welcome aboard! We won't hold it against you for being a Nikon user. ;)
Hey Roger, welcome to TPF. Good to hear that you're a Nikon user ;) Looking forward to seeing your photos.
Welcome to the Forum..

:lol:.......Even Nikonn users are welcome here...........:thumbup:

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