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    Hi everyone,

    My name is Burt and I am the manager of K&M Camera's Gramercy location.

    I'm looking to get the word out about our location since we are pretty new and looking to expand awareness about our new store.

    Many of you in the NYC area probably know our downtown location in Tribeca as well as our old location on 23rd Street.

    Our new location is a small store designed mainly to serve the student community (SVA in particular) but we do offer a full range of Epson, Kodak, Ilford, Itoya,Fuji and Lacie products as well as many other brands. Soon we will also be offering the same professional processing services as we do at our Tribeca location.

    Here is the link to our website:


    Here is our Google Maps listing with directions and contact information:

    K & M Camera - Google Maps

    If you have any questions about availability or anything else, feel free to give us a call.

    Have a nice day,


    K&M Camera

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    Welcome to the forum.

    We don't allow people to be members of this forum, just for the purpose of advertising....unless, of course, you want to become a forum sponsor. (contact site owners if you do).

    If you want to be a productive member of the forum, who also manages a camera store, that's OK...but keep in mind that it's a fine line and it will be up to the mods & admin to decide what is OK and what isn't.

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