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Dec 22, 2007
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Kansas City, Missouri
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Hello, I'm Brandie. I've been pouring over the forum threads for a couple weeks now, too busy reading to post.

I'm a painter, not a photographer, but recently purchased a Nikon D40 to play around with while waiting for paint to dry. Let me rephrase that-my primary hobby is painting, I'm not a pro by any means. I figure I'll soak up all the information I can and practice before moving up to a different camera.

I especially like viewing/reading the critiques on this forum. They give me information in a way that I understand and I also found the Nikon D40/D40x Field Guide to be a great as the owner's manual is greek to me.

Nothing much else to say about myself, I'm 34, live in KC, my house is ruled by a 120lb Akita and a temperamental cat, and in the summer/fall my world is consumed by vegetables, fruits, and canning.

Thanks for sharing all of your knowledge!

Nikon D40
Nikkor 18-55mm 1:3.5-5.6
Nikkor 55-200mm f/4-5.6
And I am eyeballing a Macro lense
Welcome to TPF Brandie.

I'd give odds on the cat for some reason.

Nice position to be in as far as painting and 'togging. I have an uncle that paints what he's photographed.

Post some of your photos.
kundalini-You're correct, the cat wins every time, hands down.
I'd like to do the same as your uncle. I want to paint what I shoot.

Here's a few shots, although now that I've been reading this forum, I realize they are so not as great as I originally thought. This will be my starting point.

These are two I shot before the D40, with just a P&S. First is when I visited Alaska for the Iditarod and second is the primadonna (which I thought was good, now I see it really isn't focused correctly. Also, her left eye is naturally differently pigmented than her right.)


These are with the D40-yes, the dog does have the tips of his ears! The second is my backyard two weeks ago right before the limbs fell and killed the cable line.

Welcome aboard and what a cute kitty you have, despite the 'look'... :D
Thanks, Mitica 100. That look means "I'm about to bite the daylights out of you with the four teeth left in my head." I have scars to prove it. :mrgreen:
Welcome to the forum :)
Welcome Brandie! Love the Akita (I'm sure he just *lets* the cat win) :D

Go Mizzou!
Thanks for the welcomes! You are seem to be quite a friendly group.
Work has been keeping me swamped, but hopefully will let up soon so I can check in on a more frequent basis.

About the Mizzou part...I have to say I'm a Jayhawks fan by heart, but my nephew started attending at MU this year, so have to be a Mizzou fan by default for a few years. Sigh. :mrgreen:
Just an FYI for you when posting photos. If you size them to be 800 pix on the long edge, they will fill the monitor most of the time.

You definetly have a cat with 'tude. :lol:

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