Hello from Luxembourg :)


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Apr 4, 2009
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Hey guys :)
I come from Luxembourg, a small but lovely country between France and Germany! I'm 17 years old and I started taking photographs with my Nikon D50 about two years ago... so I think I have improved a lot since 2007, but I'm not always happy about my photographic resultats...that's one of the two reasons I created an account here! The other one reason is to...improve my English. I've been learning English only since 2007 as well and I think writing posts here every day will help me a lot :) I am active in some German and Luxembourgish online photo communities, but I think here I can learn a lot more...so let's try :)
Mostly I love taking photographs of sport events and doing urban exploration (there are some nice locations @luxembourg!)
By the way, when I don't look through the viewfinder, I like sleeping :p and playing the saxophon!
Hello. Your writing in English is very good.

Just ask and we will comment (about your pictures).
Thanks :) But sometimes I have great difficulties to find the right words and the right structure of a sentence...
Ok, I've been cleaning up my extern harddisk and ordering all the photos from the last two years and once I've finished I'll post some :)

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