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Dec 10, 2007
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Hello eveyone! I just wanted to officially introduce myself, after spending some time just reading and viewing others work on this site. I am excited to start learning more about this beautiful industry!

I have always loved photography and finally at 34, I have finally taken the risk, stepped out of my 'comfort' zone to start the process of doing photography full time. (right now I still have a 8-5 job).

I have done many family portraits and my passion, which is black and white, however those were all done with my canon rebel film camera. November this year I decided (with some hesitation) to invest in an Olympus E-510. Since I made this purchase, I have not regretted it once. I am having so much fun and absolutly love taking pictures with this amazing camera!

Anyway, I am going to love this site and getting to know all you guys.
I have already put the suggestions and ideas that have been posted on this site into use, and have helped me tremendously. Thank you for being an inspiration and instructor! I hope to always remain teachable.
Hi Van... Michigan is a pretty big state... where in Michigan are you? I'm outside Detroit myself. Just got into the this whole thing myself!
I live near Grand Rapids. I've been in MI all my life.
Hi Van, welcome aboard, glad to have you here.
I bet your loving the Snow huh (just kidding) i go to GVSU and i have a e510 as well and lovin it
Welcome to the forums! Im from sw michigan....near st. joseph to be exact. Im actually going to G.R. tomorrow.
Hello, and welcome.... pretty funny, being that this is my first post as well. I too live in MI (just north of Detroit).

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