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Sep 6, 2010
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So I am a complete noob regardless of the 14K photos I have taken with my P&S cameras. Most of them are from our travels as we do a lot of it. After looking around here at the forums and photos all I can say is that I have found a very good place. Lots of brutally honest expertise here and that is what I will need.

Right now I am deciding on an entry level digital SLR. My short list contains the D90, D5000, and the T2i. Budget is about $1500.00 and I would like to get a couple of the lenses that come with the Nikon and Canon kits I have seen. At least I think that would be a good starting point. However one of my main interest outside of travel photography is macro photography. I photograph a lot of timepieces, coins, and mineral specimens. Not too many bugs...! :D

I think my main concern is to get an imaging chip that mimics as close as the budget allows to 35MM film. I am not sure what that is yet, but am researching it. Also some very decent lenses if possible. Again within the budget.

Any suggestions on the above cameras / lenses would be sincerely valued or any others you would you suggest I research prior to my purchase.

I live in the Kansas City area and guess I have photography in my blood as my father was heavily into it. Still have 100's of his slides from the 50's that he took in Greenland while stationed there. As you can probably tell I am a collector of timepieces, coins, mineral specimens, fountain pens, and various and sundry other things.

And I genuinely like what I have seen here! Thanks for all the effort and time it takes to educate us novices and giving us a place like this to refine ourselves and our skills.

My compliments,


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