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Mar 16, 2009
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LaPorte, Indiana
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Hello to all. My name is Ron Butcher. I am married with 2 boys and a great Jack Russel named Charlie. I have always been interested in taking pictures but have never owned a good camera. I recently bought a Rebel XSI with the kit lens and I added the 70-300mm IS canon lens as I take a lot of swimming photos at my son's high school meets. I hope to learn all the camera has to offer.(which is a ton compared to the old point and shoot I had) My first photo's of the swim meets were pretty terrible and I got better as the season went on. My main problem is the lighting at most of the high schools is pretty poor. And the swimming action is pretty fast. Therefor it is very difficult to get good clear pictures. I have learned a lot since owning the camera but I think I have topped out with my efforts and hope to learn more here. So I look forward to chatting with everybody and sharing some pictures for advise as I need a lot of advice. Thanks for a great site!!!!!
Hello Ron, and welcome to TPF. Several other members here also take pics as swim meets (eg. Lafoto), so look up some of their work and ask away!

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