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Apr 2, 2009
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Osaka Japan
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Hello all. My name is Mack and I'm a American expat living in Osaka. I've always wanted to get into photography, but never took the plunge... until now.
I just purchased my first dSLR last week, but the brain is still on p&s mode. I hope to get a few tips on how I can maximize the features on my camera.

I'm going to ask a lot of noob questions so please bear with me.

Hopefully I will be able to upload some beautiful photographs of Japan (and make some new friends on this forum:sillysmi:)
Hello Mack, and welcome to TPF!

Take tons of pics, try out the manual settings, experiment, and have fun. And I look forward to seeing some of those pics of Japan.
Welcome Mack!

I am in Tokyo, bought my DSLR last July.

If you are ever have a chance to come up here, give me a shout!!


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